Founded in 2006 and launched stateside in 2011, Bulldog Skincare for Men is an award-winning ethical men’s skincare line from the U.K. Using effective natural ingredients, the products are never tested on animals and they never use ingredients from animal sources. I’ve been a fan of Bulldog Skincare for years now, using the Original Face Wash, the Anti-Ageing Moisturiser and the Original Eye Roll-On in my daily skin regime. Each week, I add the Original Face Scrub into the mix.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Bulldog’s founder Simon Duffy on his recent visit to New York. He was in town to claim yet another award for the brand and wanted to share some news about the re-formulated Face Scrub and the brand new Protective Moisturiser…

A lot of scrubs use tiny plastic microbeads for the exfoliating, which get stuck in water treatment filters and end up adding to the plastic mess in the ocean. Bulldog’s Original Face Scrub has always used natural exfoliants. The original version of the scrub used pumice and coconut shell for the scrubby bits, but the new formula uses oat kernel and olive seed to do the dirty work. The oat kernels have softening properties and absorb excess oil from the skin surface. The olive stone removes dead and dry skin, promoting new skin cell growth. The scrub still uses 8 essential oils and shea butter to keep the whole situation moist. Nice.

The Protective Moisturiser is the first product from Bulldog with an SPF (15). As someone who often gets a burn from walking and bicycling around the city – especially on my forehead – I really appreciate this one. The trick with SPF is the “natural” part: it’s difficult to make a light moisturizer or cream without using unnatural elements. That’s just how SPF works. The good news is that Bulldog made it with the utmost care and effectiveness without sacrificing ethics. The bad news for us Americans is that this one won’t be available in the U.S. until next year.

Of course, I wouldn’t be talking about Bulldog Skincare if it weren’t affordable. They make extremely effective products available at an extremely accessible price point.

Your skin is the largest organ of the human body, and your face is the first thing everyone sees. Take care of it.

Meet the Bulldog…


  1. Thank you so much for recommending this product. In another post you mentioned this product and the castile soap as part of your skin care regiment. I have noticed a significant improvment in my skin in just the last two weeks now that I use those products.

    Do you have any articles on affordable dress pant? If not do you have any recommendations?

    • George Reply

      Thanks, Austin! Try J.Crew or Brooks Brothers. If you sign up for their email lists, you get alerts on sales.

  2. I am constantly trying to maintain clean and healthy skin, and it gets irritated really easily, but I can definitely see myself using this moisturizer.

  3. I have just discovered BullDog shaving gel as I was looking for something that I could pack on trips away that was non aerosol. Its smooth, and scent free. I am very impressed and will be using it full time from now on!

    • George Reply

      That’s great, Adam! I got an email from a reader in England who told me that Bulldog’s image there is very “uncool.” I couldn’t care less. The products are well-made, handsomely packaged, effective and affordable. I’m a fan and a happy customer. Glad you’ve discovered something you like that works!

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