Tweed Pre-Season

When the temperature dropped to the low 60s/high 50s yesterday, I reached into my closet for my Harris Tweed for the first time since early spring.

Since I bought this jacket last year on eBay for $79 and had it tailored for $150, it has become one of my favorite go-to outer layers when the temperatures hover in the 50s. Though the temporary cool off here in Cleveland was a bit abrupt (it was in the 90s a week ago) with temperatures rising again this week, autumn looms as leaves on some of the trees downtown have already begun to turn and fall.

Even though it felt a bit early, it was nice to put on this new/old workhorse for a pre-season spin.

December 2017, when I got the jacket back from the tailor.


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  2. Le sigh! This puts me in mind of organizing a tweed ride! Calling Mr. Bliss!

  3. Great jacket. I remember it from earlier posts, and was hoping for an updated picture. How are you and that tweed looking these days?

  4. Brian Pearce Reply

    what’s the watch? stainless steel working well with the tweed

  5. Marc Weiner Reply

    With regard to your topic of Harris Tweed, why not assist your viewers on where to find (don’t break the bank) Harris Tweed or similar sport coat retailors…some of the fabrics are gorgeous but made to measure prices are insane…I priced a 48R custom sport jacket for $1500.

    • Hi Marc. I may do a post at some point on where to shop. For this jacket, I turned to eBay, which can yield many affordable treasures like this if you’re patient.

  6. Jon Randolph Reply

    Surprised that you never responded to the original prospectus for this that I sent to you via Amy Eddings . . .

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