Traveling Lighter with Logitech’s Ultrathin iPad Keyboard Cover

Last year, I gave up traveling with a laptop, slimming down to my iPad 2 when I was away from HQ. My setup was a fabulous easel-like iPad stand from Twelve South and an Apple Wireless Keyboard. It was a pretty efficient and lightweight kit that, despite its multiple pieces, was more versatile than a MacBook Air, since I could use the iPad to read magazines, newspapers and books as well as write.

My hardware upgrades have always been done out of necessity, not the desire to have the latest thing. This past fall, I did an across-the-board upgrade to all my hardware, replacing a six year old MacBook Pro with a 21″ iMac, a four and a half year old iPhone 4 with an iPhone 6 and a four year old iPad 2 with an iPad Air 2.

My streamlining upgrade went a step further by replacing the iPad stand and wireless keyboard with an Ultrathin iPad Keyboard Cover from Logitech. The cover magnetically fastens to the iPad to protect the tablet and also works as a fully tricked-out Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad, basically turning my iPad into a super light and ultrathin touch-screen laptop. Now, instead of traveling with three pieces (iPad, iPad stand and keyboard), I’m traveling with one. It’s fantastic.

The further good news for iPad owners reading this is that Logitech makes Ultrathin Keyboard Cover models for the last three generations of iPad (iPad 2, iPad Air and iPad Air 2). Depending on the version, the price ranges from $89 to $99. For writers, bloggers, journalists or anyone writes as much as I do from anywhere, it’s brilliant.

In a tech universe littlered with a lot of ugly attempts at making a dollar, it’s nice to see a graceful and elegant solution that seamlessly complements (both aesthetically and technically) an already beautiful gadget. Since I plan on having my iPad Air 2 for at least two years or more, this keyboard cover is the perfect solution for the tablet’s protection and my productivity.

FUN FACT: Since I got the Ultrathin in November 2014, I’ve written almost every post for this blog on it.

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  1. Love my Logitech keyboard/cover for my iPad 2! They snap together effortlessly and ride about in a neoprene sleeve in my bag. So great to know they have one that fits the Air and Air 2–mighty tempting if someone’s trying to further lighten their load! Trying to resist, but I know that’s futile.

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