I don’t shave every day, but I do enjoy the ritual. For the blade, I’ve been happily using a safety razor for several years. As for the cream, I’ve tried just about everything under the sun over the decades, from Kiehl’s to Barbasol.

My current lather is the original shave cream from Cremo. It’s incredibly slick and concentrated, enabling me to get a smooth shave with just a small dab of the product. Among the other nice things about Cremo are that it’s made in the U.S.A. and it’s very inexpensive. A single 6 oz tube (which should last about 90 days) is $8 directly from the Cremo website or $11 for a 2-pack on Amazon.

Beyond the original shave cream, which has a very light citrus scent, the brand has expanded with more flavors, like sandalwood, sage & citrus, bourbon, silver water & birch and their special “reserve” blend, which has a mix of bourbon, vetiver and oak scents for $9.

When my current supply runs out, I think I might swap to Cremo’s lathering shave cream, which is formulated to be used with a brush. As I said, I don’t shave every day. But when I do, I really get into it. I haven’t done a brush lather in years, and I think I’m in the mood.

Anyway… If you’re in the market for a really good affordable shave cream (and better than Kiehl’s, in my humble opinion), check out Cremo. I’m very happy with it.



  1. Ok George. I’m ordering some Cremo for my husband. I trust your opinion because I seem to agree with everything you have to say! I can’t wait for him to try Cremo!

  2. Dean Ruffner

    Thanks George, I’ll give these a try. I’ve moved on from Kiehl’s as well but I did like the small sampler packs you would get with an order; perfect size in case you didn’t like the smell/feel of a product and also for travelling.

  3. This is without question the best grooming advice I’ve seen in at least a decade (and I used to be a writer for Harry’s!). Cremo shave cream has been a wonderful revelation and I can’t thank you enough for sharing. And, by the way, the tubed cream works very well with a shave brush as I can verily attest.