The Understated Elegance of the Grenadine Tie

If someone put a gun to my head and told me I could only wear solid grenadine ties for the rest of my life, I’d manage. Quite well, in fact. Other than silk knit ties, grenadines are my absolute favorites.

A staple of Sean Connery’s Bond kit, grenadine is a light, airy, gauze-like weave of silk, producing a truly sublime, elegant texture with a solid color. For ties, I’m partial to the versatility of black, dark navy and gray.

Because of the complexity of the weave, grenadines are often more expensive than regular silk ties. But this is an instance of where a splurge is totally justified. That said, there are some nice options on the more affordable end of the spectrum:


Italian grenadine ties in black, navy and blue from Chipp.
Italian grenadine ties in black, navy and blue from Chipp.

Chipp sells ties in Italian grenadine in a spectrum of colors with a perfect peak width of 3.25 inches for $55.

Charles Tyrwhitt

Navy grenadine tie from Charles Tyrwhitt.
Navy grenadine tie from Charles Tyrwhitt.

Charles Tyrwhitt sells an Italian grenadine in a gorgeous navy with a peak width of 3.1 inches for $59.

Like the silk knit tie, the grenadine is an elegant and sophisticated whisper in the cacophony of loud sartorial one-upmanship.


  1. Derrik Ollar Reply

    Thanks for bringing them to my attention. I’ve wondered what that tie weave was before. I guess it’s a bit more expensive to produce this weave, so the Tie Bar has a faux weave version (still 100% silk) in my favorite 2.5 inch width that looks great for $19.

    • George Reply

      Yes. They call it the “grenafaux.” I have one.

  2. There are four different grenadine weaves; grossa, prometeo, fina and piccola. I believe Chipp ties are grenadine fina. Probably the most beautiful grenadines are available at SamHober.

    • James A Walker Reply

      All things being equal, I think fina is the best grenadine. Another option, in addition to Chipp and Sam Hober is Aklasu.

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