The Thrill (and Terror) of Reinvention

Spring is springing, job submissions are tanking, taxes are taxing and I have to move. The time is ripe for reinvention.

At 43, I’m embarking on what feels like my seventh career. I’ve been an actor, a waiter, a bartender, a web designer, a writer and a consultant, with brief stints as an editor, a stylist and a car cleaner (if you count high school jobs). The less than stellar 2013 combined with the current economic climate for the middle class has me oddly optimistic. (Weird, I know.) After offering the virtual Swiss army knife that is my odd skill set for the benefit of others for years, I need to put the same focus and energy into the website, which, up to now, has been an enthusiastic half-measure.

Among other things, I’m particularly looking forward to the future of this podcast, which will feature meaningful and relevant conversations with other men who have found success and contentment after their own reinventions. I want to learn about how they did it – what frightened them, what inspired them, what motivated them – and how it’s working now.

When you reinvent, you cannot be afraid to fail. It’s in the brochure about growth. My own trip has been a series of failures and successes, big and small. This begins another leg of the journey. So I’m traveling light and looking forward to it.

Thanks for listening.


“10 Reasons You Have To Quit Your Job In 2014” by James Altucher



  1. I am also changing careers and my life is completely up in the air right now. I never thought it could feel so right, being downsized, but I hated the job and the fear of losing it. Now I entered into that fear and I see it doesn’t exist after all. And I know that nobody’s hiring anyone 50+, but I read James Altucher’s post on quitting your job in 2014 and I realized what I already know, is that nobody’s hiring anyone. All this doomy gloomy news and I feel absolutely great. Because it’s up to me. Finally.

    • George Reply

      Thank you for this fantastic comment. Next chapter!

  2. Derrick Owens Reply

    A reinvention, for me, started 10 years ago now. In that time I went from being homeless to now one year from an M.D. degree. Your website has been helping me to look better doing it. Thank you. I look forward to hearing other men’s stories.

    • George Reply

      Wow, Derrick. Good for you! And thank you for your support and feedback. It really helps.

  3. You should interview Brett McKay who runs the blog “Art of Manliness.” Reinvented his life by going from lawyer to full-time blog writer. He (also) has a great blog. Keep up the good work.

  4. Excellent podcast George. I just stumbled upon your site whilst trolling youtube for reviews of the Brooklyn Cruiser Bike ( hopefully soon to be mine). I’m quite glad I did!. Your commentary on excess and over-indulgenge is really rather prescient and struck a chord with me. How often do we equate financial and monetary success with true happiness. And how often do we, as men, realize too late that this choice was the wrong one. I look forward to reading and listening more on your blog and keep up the good work!

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