The Political, Comedic and Sartorial Stealth of Seth Meyers

It’s no news that Seth Meyers has been killing it with “A Closer Look,” his razor-sharp recurring segment on Late Night. The former head writer and anchor of Weekend Update at Saturday Night Live commands a high bar, and he sets one. “A Closer Look” has become essential next-day viewing for the comedically and politically engaged, with some segments earning millions of views on YouTube within less than 12 hours. It is searing observation of the obvious, framed with superlative writing and delivered in the Meyers’s signature style of giddy incredulousness.

Since he moved into the Late Night vacancy left when Jimmy Fallon took over The Tonight Show in 2014, Meyers has made a few changes while finding his stride. His set in Studio 8-G has been re-designed and rearranged more than once, and he’s ultimately settled with starting the show from behind his desk instead of the traditional Carson-style standing monologue in front of the curtain, with which Meyers was never comfortable. He’s really made the show his own.

Sartorially, he’s come into his own as well. When he started three years ago, his suits were a little ill-tailored and somewhat boxy. These days, Meyers is looking sharp in Ralph Lauren. Not too skinny, not too big, with a sober palette of blues and grays. He looks terrific – like a smart grown-up.

Some people like to think that the traditional suit is boring, old-man grampa gear. Last week, Guy Trebay in The New York Times did an assessment of late night haberdashery, noting that Meyers and other hosts remind us that the suit is far from dead, despite what some designers and baby squeak fashionistas try to declare. If you’re wondering if the suit (and tie!) is dead or merely boring, an important thing to remember is that these same boring suits are the daily uniform of some of the smartest, funniest and most interesting guys in the room, like Seth Meyers.

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