The February 2019 Spotify Playlist: Love Songs

February brings one of the trickiest days of the year: Valentine’s Day. When you’re in a relationship, the pressure to produce and deliver something wonderful and romantic for your significant other is high. When you’re single, the reminder of just how single you are can drive you to drink.

This playlist is a mixed bag of various emotions and expressions in the complex matters of the heart. The heart that loves, the heart that learns. The heart that longs, the heart that burns. The heart that aches, the heart that breaks. The heart that hurts, the heart that forgives. The heart that forgets, the heart that regrets. The heart that obsesses, the heart that represses. The heart that gives, the heart that takes… One could go on.

Whether you’re happily involved or not, there’s probably something in this playlist for everyone. Speaking for myself, every song on this list could characterize numerous points along my own sullied romantic timeline.



February 2019 Playlist

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