When it comes to ties, we have a fantastic resource in The Tie Bar for affordable and chic basics for a ridiculous $19. For a well-rounded wardrobe peppered with more unexpected splendors, one must get more esoteric for more rarified accoutrements. Fine & Dandy right here in my neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen, NYC, has wonderful unique ties and accessories. Another resource I’ve come to love is General Knot & Co.

Founded in 2010 by husband and wife Andrew and Ann Payne in Bedford, NY, General Knot & Co. makes extraordinary neckwear and other accessories using rare and vintage fabrics. So rare and vintage are the fabrics that each collection is limited, literally. A tie from General Knot is one of only a few that exist. In fact, each tie, bow tie or pocket square comes with a numbered tag that identifies which of the limited quantity it is.


There is also a notable pride in craftsmanship with a tie from General Knot. When you hold it, feeling the fabric and whatnot, it just feels like a really well made tie. And once you tie it, the knot holds beautifully, as it should with a well-crafted necktie.

Though the price point of General Knot is considerably steeper than something from The Tie Bar, for instance, one also has to consider that these totally individual items come in small batches, hand made right here in New England. My 1960s Bang & Boom Dot Print Necktie went for $98, but it is one of only eighteen in existence. Totally worth it.

My pocket squares from General Knot & Co.
My pocket squares from General Knot & Co.
When you treat yourself to a little (or big) splurge, it should be beautiful, well-made and special. General Knot & Co. does just that. And if it’s not a splurge for yourself, their gorgeous neckties, bow ties and accessories make unforgettable gifts that come in a handsome, environment-friendly package – all made in America.

On a final note, I would suggest subscribing to their newsletter at the bottom of their website. Not only would you get updates on new additions to their collection, but you would get news about any pop-up shops they’re doing, which would give you a chance to meet Andrew or Ann, who happen to be two of the nicest people you could ever want to meet.

Yours truly with Ann & Andrew Payne, the founders of General Knot & Co.
Yours truly with Ann & Andrew Payne, the founders of General Knot & Co.


    • George

      My pleasure, Andrew! Just telling it like it is. What you guys do is special and rare. Thank you!!