Leather cashmere-lined gloves from J.Crew
Last winter, I did something a lot of us do: I left a glove in a taxi, rendering the other glove useless. Fortunately, winter was waning when I committed this act of omission, and I was able to survive what little remained of the winter without investing in another pair.

Winter is here again. Since I get around on my bicycle, I was in desperate need of a simple, handsome, warm, reasonable and well-made pair of leather gloves. This year, J.Crew had the solution with a classic, cashmere-lined pair. No snaps, zippers, velcro or buckles to fasten them. Just simple slip-ons.

Available in black, brown or saddle, they go for $88. Now I just have to make sure I don’t lose them.

Get a pair.


  1. daniel woren

    after looking for a nice pair of gloves for the new york winter, i turned to george for some advice, and as usual he didnt let me down. i went on jcrew’s website to try to get a pair, but sadly they were out of stock. i turned to ebay to see if i could get a deal. thankfully there was a new pair in size small. and all i can say is i love these gloves. they’re soft and mold to your hand, and more importantly, really warm.
    thanks one again, george, for helping me again find a budget friendly yet stylish option

    • George

      Thank you, Daniel! Glad you found something that works. I still have my same pair and they’ve been true handsavers in this bitchy winter.

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