Amidst last night’s usual parade of misfires dictated by ill-informed and overpaid stylists or stars themselves who either don’t know better or don’t care… the growing number of men who opted for a necktie instead of a bow tie, really perfecting the pallbearer look… the ones who don’t know the difference between a business suit jacket (notch lapel) and a dinner jacket (peak lapel or shawl collar)… the color-happy experimentalists who don’t understand that “standing out” is not the purpose of black tie (as if the job on the screen doesn’t get them enough attention)… the guys who still go for the wing collar shirt as if they’re dealing poker, doing magic tricks or stripping at Chippendale’s after the show… the ones whose photographs from last night will start to look silly and dated in about six years… and the overwhelming number of men who were outdressed by the chauffeurs who drove them there… the best-dressed man at the 2014 Emmy Primetime Awards was the host himself: Seth Meyers. Done.