I’ve written before about uniforms of powerful men – men who don’t have the time to figure out which tie goes with which suit, shirt or pair of socks. President Obama got rid of all of his suits except the navy and gray ones (and that tan one) because it meant one less decision in a day filled with far more important decisions. Extremely busy men who pull serious power levers in their lives need to be able to reach into their closets blindfolded, not screw up and be dressed and out the door before many men have decided on a pocket square. As someone who really doesn’t like to belabor the what-goes-with-what process, I really appreciate such efficiency.

For busy men who like a little color and flair with the daily suit and tie, my friends at ShirtCycle have created a smart solution. To supplement their handy and well-executed custom shirt subscription service (my review here), ShirtCycle has added coordinating ties and socks to their offerings.


The shirt/tie/sock combinations are called “sets,” which come with a hanger clip so that all you need to do is pick a suit to wear with your set. Based on your style profile and preferences, ShirtCycle will curate sets for you, which you can always override with your own selections.

The ties are made with 100% silk jacquard with a shape-saving wool interlining, and they come in a width of 3 inches and a standard length of 58 inches. The socks are made with a breathable, anti-bacterial blend of 80% cotton, 17% nylon and 3% spandex.


While I’m personally not one for tons of color in my quiet little palette, I think this is a brilliant solution for men who would rather not spend 20 minutes deciding which tie to wear with which shirt. It’s almost like having a personal stylist or assistant to set up your outfits for the week. Garanimals for grown-ups, if you will. The selection is enough to satisfy tastes ranging from subtle to bold, and, like the shirts, the quality is terrific. Then there is the price. Tie and sock sets go for $50, which is basically a steal.

For my own trial set, I paired a white Sea Island cotton shirt with a “Dotted Diamonds” tie and “White Lines” socks. Not too flashy. (Have you met me?) Love it.


My only misgiving with the sets is with the length of the socks. When it comes to suits or any other kit that involves dressier pants, one should really not show leg skin, which is tricky with socks that are not over-the-calf. The bright side is that these give me an opportunity to bust out the sock garters…



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