In this episode, I talk about Jessica Jones, a great new original Netflix series that is also part of the Marvel universe. Like its terrific “brother” show Daredevil, it takes place mostly in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC, in the wake of the alien invasion incident from The Avengers.

Speaking of Hell’s Kitchen, I was recently sentenced to a day of community service after being stopped on Ninth Avenue by NYPD for making a rolling stop through a red light on my bicycle. In the interest of safer streets in the city, NYC has implemented an initiative called “Vision Zero,” which I wholly support with its interest in safer streets for everyone. However, ticketing bicyclists is an exertion of energy and resources toward the wrong target, in my opinion.

I’m also putting the finishing touches on my December 2015 Spotify playlist for your enjoyment.

Thanks for listening!

Featured music: “Jaguar” by John Gregory & His Orchestra


  1. The Idaho stop needs to be adopted by communities and explained to non cyclists.

  2. Sorry to hear about your summons. Easy pickings for that camping cop… I agree that bikes are good for society–you raise a good point.

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