In this episode, I ramble on about one of my favorite new restaurant discoveries in my new town of Cleveland: an Ethiopian boîte called Empress Taytu. The sartorial update is the story of how I got a wonderful new (old) Harris Tweed jacket, which I purchased on eBay and had tailored by my local resource. On the effective living end, I wax on about my approach to furnishing my new digs.

Thanks for listening! I hope you enjoy the episode and the weekend.

This episode contains an excerpt from Bette Midler’s “Live At Last” (1977, Atlantic). Purchase it on iTunes.


  1. bookishbutchesq

    I love 3 Days of Condor and Redford, he has great style in all the President’s Men as well. Cleveland sounds nice. Holiday greetings from Montreal

  2. Given the potential messiness of eating without silverware, did you wear anything in particular? E.g. not your most expensive white shirt? I’ve fallen foul to Indian ‘hand eating’ by dropping food all over me!

    Great podcast. More please!


  3. Fine post sir.. yes, please post a few photos to flesh out the mental images of your space and how it is evolving. We are in a 200+ year old New England country farmhouse, so many antiques, but are also slowly paring things down as we age (both in our 60’s), but mid-century modern works too. If the space has good bones, light and drama, almost any furniture and era aesthetic will work, if kept to a dull roar. As my mental design buddy ‘Les Izmore’ tells me, keep it simple – better one less piece than one too many.