Converse Chucks - White canvas

I never had these when I was a kid (which might help explain my affinity for them as an adult). I had Keds. But I always envied the kids in the neighborhood who got to wear Converse Chuck Taylors. At the time in the 1970s, they came in white, black, red or blue (and maybe yellow), in low-top or high-top.

Now, they seem more popular than ever, with more variations in color, style and fabric than Chuck could have ever imagined. The lace-free slip-ons with the distressed fringe are a personal favorite – great for walking the dog or jumping on the bike for a quick ride.

While the hot pinks, slip-ons and slim-soles may come and go, it all comes back to the original. I always thought they were fantastic. And the best part? A pair of original canvas (pictured) can be had for a mere $50.

I like it.

Get a pair.

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  1. I totally concur! I love the leather remakes of Chuck Taylors which I sometimes wear with my skinny jeans, white long sleeve shirt, and maybe a blazer…or a V-neck sweater….

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