Several weeks ago, my friend Kelly sent me a link to an online auction of costumes and props from Mad Men. There were literally hundreds of items ranging from tchotchkes from various sets on the show to actual clothes that the actors wore. I didn’t really need reprints of period magazines or wall hangings from Sally Draper’s bedroom, but a great piece of clothing or an accessory would be fabulous. (Though an SCDP coffee mug would have been sensational.)

I wouldn’t be interested in just anything from the show just for the sake of having something from the show. It had to be something good, something that fit, something I could actually wear and something I could afford.

The clothing items were listed by character name. Of all the principal actors on Mad Men, I’m probably closest in size to Harry Hamlin, who played Jim Cutler. He’s 5’11, I’m 5’10” and we have a reasonably similar build. I always liked his simple, classic and handsome office style. (His fantastic eyeglasses were up for auction, but the bid was already very high.)

After clicking through pages and pages of items, I was about to jump ship until I saw the very smart navy raincoat worn by Jim Cutler in a scene at the Chevy showroom in season six. I actually remembered really liking the coat when the episode aired.

Jon Hamm (Don Draper), John Slatter (Roger Sterling), Kevin Rahm (Ted Chaough) and Harry Hamlin (Jim Cutler) entering the Chevy showroom.
Jon Hamm (Don Draper), John Slatter (Roger Sterling), Kevin Rahm (Ted Chaough) and Harry Hamlin (Jim Cutler) entering the Chevy showroom.

Harry Hamlin (Jim Cutler) in the navy coat.
Harry Hamlin (Jim Cutler) in the navy coat.
It was described as small/medium with a 42.5 inch length, which sounded perfect for me. With three bidding days left in the auction, the starting bid on the coat was $50. I happened to be in the market for a good trench coat, so I bid $75. The next day, I got a notification email telling me I had been outbid at $100. With only one day left, I bid $125 and crossed my fingers. There were no further bids. I won the coat.

Two weeks later, it arrived, along with a certificate of authenticity.


The coat is beautiful. It’s technically not a trench coat but more like a mackintosh or a “mac” in a heavy navy gabardine. It’s very well-made and in excellent shape. And, most importantly, it fits.

Since there’s no label inside, I can’t say who the maker is. Maybe Brooks Brothers. Or maybe Mad Men‘s genius costume designer Janie Bryant found it in a vintage shop. Who knows and who cares? It’s a fabulous coat.

The only drag is that the coat originally had a zip-in lining, which is now gone. Not a real tragedy. If I ever really want a lining, I can have one made.

For $125, I got a great piece of television history that I can actually wear. Pretty good story.

Jim Cutler Coat bust


  1. Eric J. Tidd Reply

    Excellent purchase. All of the items I was interested in went far beyond my means. I have been infatuated with Don’s Janie Bryant designed blue sport coat ever since I saw it on S2E11 of Mad Men (The Jet Set). It shows up again later when Don And Betty visit Rome for Hilton. I love everything about it but especially the material and the patch pockets! I’ve looked everywhere for one similar with no such luck. It went for $4,200. I will say that I covet my Brooks Brothers Mad Men Edition suit that I splurged on some years ago. I understand there were only 250 made and I often wonder who owns the other 249. So glad I found your site from none other than Janie Bryant’s retweet. Looking forward to reading further.

  2. I never would have thought to look at an auction for a finished TV show to find some great clothes to wear. The coat is very nice and you look fabulous in it!

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