How to Tie a Bow Tie by The Hill-Side

This is by far the most concise, articulate and easy-to-follow video demonstration of how to tie a bow tie that I have come across. It was beautifully produced by The Hill-Side, a fantastic Brooklyn-based outfit for men’s accessories made in the U.S.A. I hope you find it as helpful as I did.



  1. That’s a great video–I love the no-hands concept, since you can clearly see everything. The pinch in front like a butterfly described at 0:33 is what makes it much easier to accomplish, I think. That said, I didn’t really “get” how to tie a bow tie until I realized it is exactly like tying a shoe-lace. Make a knot, wrap it around, pull it through. When I don’t overthink the bow tie, it usually works out better.

  2. Ingemar Lindgren Reply

    I had a friend in the bow tie business who convinced me to try bow ties because many of his regular ties did not come in prep lengths. Being rather short, standard length ties were too long for me. The long expanse of shirt front beneath a bow tie has the bonus effect of making a short man appear taller. I’ve been a bow tie guy for almost thirty years now. They set one apart from the crowd and make you a member of a rather exclusive fraternity. When I’m attending a party or function I rarely if ever hear anyone commenting on anyone’s neck wear but folks take an interest in my bow ties. I’ve met a lot of people I probably wouldn’t have otherwise and many of them have been good looking fascinating women. Bonus. Women like a man with confidence and it takes a little to wear one. Give a bow tie a try, they go great with a lot of things beside tuxedos and while tricky at first, tying them quickly becomes second nature. Keep the good stuff coming Mr. Hahn and may I wish you and yours the compliments of the season. Ingemar.

  3. I wish I’d seen this video when I was learning to tie the bow. It’s so well done and the animation is cool. But I’d rather see it mirrored. It looks left handed (though if I was wearing the shirt I know it would be right handed). If the video was mirrored, it would match my right-handed attempt.

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