Exploring My Neighborhood in Downtown Cleveland

After lunch with an old family friend from my childhood days, I took a walk around what will soon become my new home, getting a lay of the land and a sense of things. Starting in October, I will be a full-time resident of Downtown Cleveland, and I couldn’t be more excited.


    • Oh girl… It’s coming. All the goods… I’m bringing it all out for everyone to see, little by little. Short answer: very bike friendly (though no protected bike lanes). And we have a bike share! Fuller details to come. Fear not.

  1. Rick Robertson Reply

    I do hope you are buying and not renting the warehouse loft. What you describe is the very beginnings of gentrification. If you are buying, you can be there until the end of time. If you are renting, you will be booted as soon as you cannot afford it, as was the case in Manhattan. You can make money at this, or at the very least have stability.

  2. Hey George,
    Congrats on your new exciting life/adventures in downtown Cleveland!
    Hope you can explore all the culinary delights downtown has to offer.
    Four of my favorites are:
    1. Pho Thang Cafe @ 815 Superior – open to 10pm! – equal to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in my old neighbor of San Francisco any day and,
    2. Helio Terra Vegan Cafe @ 619 Prospect – great fresh/organic focused vegan eatery for lunch.
    3. Emperor’s Palace @ 2136 Rockwell – more in the Cleveland State area but still walkable from downtown – amazing Sunday Dim Sum options.
    4. Top of the Hilton for an outdoor spectacular view of Lake Erie/downtown/surrounding region – a bit of high-rise glam in Cleveland!
    and if you feel like a real burn calories/fitbit 10,000+ steps a day – think SoHo to the Met –
    In Tremont, visit the Spotted Owl @ 710 Jefferson – great vibe in an 1850s former nunnery!
    and in Ohio City, just opened, amazing/authentic Italian Neapolitan pizza at Citizen Pie @ 2144 W. 25th
    Hope to see you one day on the Streets of Cleveland!
    Ed Horton in Lakewood, OH

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