I love uniforms. I’m particularly fascinated by military uniforms and their continued influence on day-to-day menswear. The modern navy suit, my own preferred uniform, has its roots in the military.

If you appreciate uniforms half as much as I do, you’ll find this video from Insider fascinating. HM1 Daniel Andren takes us through the six uniforms issued to each recruit in their seabag when they start training. The seabag and its contents stay with a sailor throughout their career in the Navy.

In the video, Andren goes over the details and the occasion of the uniforms and gives a little history of each of them. 

The six uniforms:

  1. Physical training uniform
  2. Service dress white uniform
  3. Service dress blue uniform
  4. Working uniform type 3
  5. Coveralls
  6. Navy service uniform

As I’ve written before, many of our most successful and influential people live and work in a uniform of their own design. It keeps things simple. Though this inventory of a Navy sailor’s seabag is an extreme example, it is a refreshing reminder of just how simple things can be. And it’s another reminder that every outfit has an occasion. 

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