The rooftop pool at the Sheraton Motor Inn (W. 42nd St. + 12th Ave.), 1963.
Photo: Arthur Edler von Schwertfuehrer 

I’ve never minded summer in the city. When so many head out to the beach, the country or a Hampton, I’ve always enjoyed New York during the dog days. It feels like I have so much more of the city to myself. 

Among the several perks, there is more ease in getting a reservation or a walk-in table at a restaurant, the line at Big Gay Ice Cream moves quickly, and seeing a movie almost feels like a private screening. (In fact, a dark, air-conditioned movie theater with a bucket of popcorn, a bag of Twizzlers and a Diet Coke is generally a very happy place for me.) Access to anything non-touristy is pretty smooth all around. 

And Central Park? Fuhgettaboutit. It’s my backyard, and there is no better place to connect with nature here in the city. One can be near water, walk under a canopy of trees or sit in the grass or on a bench. As most people know, I walk the dogs every morning in the park (weather permitting) and enjoy the opportunity to connect with followers live on Instagram or Twitter. Just strolling or sitting under a tree with Smokey and Lenore, watching people and taking the time to pause? Lovely. 

Another thing I love to do in the summer is explore the city on my bike. I actually do it all year round, but I definitely do a lot more of it during the warmer months. Riding a bike is kind of like flying and gloriously reminiscent of being a kid again. It gets me where I want to go with style, burns the fat and helps keep my ass in the same place it’s been since high school. And don’t tell anyone about Pier i Café on the Hudson River at W. 70th Street in Riverside Park. Perfect lobster rolls and burgers, glorious French fries and life-changing blueberry lemonade, all accessible only by bicycle, scooter or foot.

Not for nothing, but let me just add air conditioning to my gratitude list. It doesn’t take much energy or money to cool my little hotel room atelier, but I do love literally chilling at home with the dogs, sitting in my Eames lounge chair, ordering up Chipotle, sipping cold Perrier and watching one of thousands of great titles to stream. I’m really not hard to please on that score.

So while many others see the city as something to escape during the summer, I don’t mind sticking around at all. With everyone gone, there’s more for me.


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