Best Dressed at Festival de Cannes 2015: Jake Gyllenhaal

Few things make me cringe more than a man who gets “experimental” with black tie. It’s doubly disappointing when it’s a movie star, who has unfettered access to more resources than we average mortals could touch in four lifetimes. But when a man – movie star or mortal – gets it right, it’s thrilling.

I experienced such a thrill when I saw photos of Jake Gyllenhaal on the red carpet in Cannes last Wednesday. He looked every inch the movie star in a black Tom Ford peak lapel “Buckley” tuxedo, white evening shirt and black grosgrain bow tie. The proportions in lapel, shirt collar and bow tie widths were perfect, with just the right exposure of shirt cuff under the jacket sleeve.

And speaking of the jacket… One terrific subtle detail about the design of this classic tuxedo jacket was a turn-back cuff. Nice touch, Mr. Ford.

In the tournament of How To Look Like a Total Movie Star in Black Tie, it was game, set and match Gyllenhaal.




The turn-back cuff...
The turn-back cuff…
With Sienna Miller in Lanvin.
With Sienna Miller in Lanvin.


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