“Brass In Pocket” was, of course, the big hit from the self-titled debut album from the Pretenders in 1979. It was everywhere, and you couldn’t listen to rock radio for a half hour in 1980 without hearing it.

I love the song, but it wasn’t necessarily my favorite on the album. I’ve always been partial to “Mystery Achievement,” “Precious,” “Kid” and “Private Life.” But what the hell.. the entire album is fantastic. 

The Pretenders were particularly thrilling because the group brought another girl into the lead of an ass-kicking rock band. Joining Debbie Harry (Blondie), Joan Jett (The Runaways), Pat Benatar, Suzi Quatro with their respective bands, Chrissie Hynde blew the lid off for the Pretenders with a tough edge, a tonal middle finger and a great sound. 

Along with the amazing Chrissie Hynde on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, the original band lineup and album personnel included Martin Chambers (drums, percussion), Pete Farndon (bass guitar) and James Honeyman-Scott (lead and rhythm guitar). Together, along with other guest musicians, the group created one of the best debut albums of any rock band. 

Pretenders is an essential piece of any well-rounded rock collection. And in this digital age with new remastering and added content, we now get expanded editions of great records like this one. Enjoy.

“Brass In Pocket” video:

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