The invitation came out of the blue in a private message on Twitter:

“Hey, want to guest host Pivot for one episode?”

It was from Kara Swisher.

After I shit a brick, I experienced a rapid succession of the following thoughts: Did she mean someone else and message me by mistake? Does she understand that I’m no one’s expert on business/tech/politics, and that I’m really just a frustrated actor having a moment on social media as an irreverent wise-ass? If she did mean me and I say ‘yes’, will this be the moment when people find out that I’m not as smart as they might think I am?

Within thirty seconds, this narcissist with dubious self-esteem and a raging case of imposter syndrome said, “I would LOVE to.”

Pivot is one of my favorite podcasts, and Kara and her co-host Scott Galloway are among the people I admire most in the media landscape. It’s one of those shows where much flies over my head as it presents pressing biz/tech/political stories and wraps them in a smart and funny package with intelligent and often hilarious discourse. I learn something new with each episode and I laugh a lot. It’s so well done. On paper, Kara and Scott would seem an unlikely pairing, but their chemistry is thrilling. It’s a fantastic show and I’m a big fan.

Every August, Scott, my future ex-boyfriend, takes the month off while Kara invites an amazing roster of guests to co-host the show with her. This August, Scott’s understudies have included Katie Couric, Andrew Ross Sorkin, Preet Bharara, Baratunde Thurston, Casey Newton, Ben Smith and my other favorite media dominatrix, Stephanie Ruhle. Heavy hitters and tough acts to follow. Hence, the brick shitting.

My crude redux of Pivot’s cover art, which Kara gleefully tweeted as soon as I sent it to her.

But when the day finally came, I had an absolute blast with Kara. It was an opportunity to read, learn and talk about people and subjects that aren’t squarely in my wheelhouse and step outside my comfort zone, which is where the good growth happens. I was nervous as hell, but thoroughly thrilled at the same time. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. 

So, thank you, Kara. This was a genuine pleasure and total privilege. And thank you, Scott, for your support, for your encouragement and for making the bed before you left.

Here is the episode on Spotify:

Pivot is also available on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

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  1. Really nice job! You two were wonderful together. A perfect compliment to each other. Sounded like you two had been friends for decades.

  2. Marilyn Green

    Really enjoyed the podcast and agree with so many others, well done George Hahn, you are a treasure!

  3. Michele Somers

    Wow it was such a treat. Than you George!

  4. g e n i u s.

    you sound glorious.

    PS: can’t wait to see you when I return to Manhattan (too)

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