A Subtle Sartorial Halloween Flourish

Through my early thirties, I would get really into Halloween. I’ve been a vampire, a zombie, a mummy, Mr. Spock, a Hooters waitress and, yes, a bloodied Drew Barrymore from Scream (complete with a cordless phone in one hand, Jiffy Pop in the other, and a knife in my chest). I even once had a pair of black contact lenses that just covered the iris, which were wonderfully and eerily off-putting at parties. When I went out, I went all out, as one should when you want to do it right.

As I ease into my mid-forties, I’ve toned it down considerably. Since Halloween and its ghostly, ghoulish splendor remains one of my favorite holidays on the American calendar, I still enjoy a little sartorial flourish to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve.

One such way I like to show the spirit is with my silver skull and crossbones cufflinks. They’re an understated, whimsical touch and fun to wear to business meetings during the month of October. They never cease to get a smile from someone who happens to notice them.


My pair came from my trusty friends over at Fine and Dandy ( They’re made in the USA and run an extremely fair $39. Since many bolder Halloween ideas belong to the young(er), these are a fantastic way for a grownup to discretely flash a little freak flair.

But when the sun goes down on the 31st and the celebrations commence, part of me wishes I still had those black contact lenses…


Ghosts of Halloweens Past…

Here is a selection of photos from past Halloweens. Enjoy.


  1. Hi George, enjoying the various articles here! The JCrew watch looks great with your suits. Could you tell me if it is automatic or battery?

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