On this super hot day today, I was noticing how good a nice real cotton dress shirt felt, even in the blistering heat. Wrinkle-free/no-iron dress shirts do not breathe like this. Demand real, untreated, 100% cotton. It’s the only way to go.


  1. David Gebel

    Good mini-video, and GREAT cameo by your pup.

  2. So true, George. In 2014, learning from your blog and other web postings, I started moving away from no-iron dress shirts, and I think I am better for it. The must-iron shirts breathe noticeably better, but also seem to be more durable (no-iron can wear quickly at collars and cuffs) and are softer overall. I am still wearing some no-iron shirts until they wear out, but avoid them on warm days. Ironing isn’t always fun or convenient, but a must-iron shirt makes for a more comfortable day, so it’s worth the effort.

    Thanks for all the fine content on your site.

    • George

      GREAT feedback, Matt. Yes, the real cotton shirts are not only breathable and infinitely more comfortable, but they do indeed last longer. Thanks for your kind words. I’m so glad the blog has been helpful!

  3. dougcranmerdc980

    Good advice George, thank you. After reading a few of your posts related to “No-Iron” treatments on shirting fabric I looked in my closet at some recent spread-collar, French cuff shirts and ‘BAM’, “No Iron”. I’ll be watching my fabric choices more closely now, especially since Tyrwhitt seems to be back to having untreated, ‘pure’ cotton for some styles.

    Thanks for the good style content.

  4. Great video. Real cotton is so much nicer – it’s more comfortable and breathable. Even if it takes a little more work to take care of, I think it’s worth it.

  5. The great thing is when you are young and handsome—or when you get to a certain age—nobody cares how wrinkled your shirt is! . . . .

    I’ve been getting mine from Pye, the retail arm of Esquel the shirtmaking giant. A vertically integrated manufacturer. They start with the cottonseed).

    Great fabric, very modern cut, nice details.

    Pye only has shops in Hong Kong and in mainland China, but they promise to go online “soon.” Once you are happy with the fit, they store your size.


    • George

      Nice! I eagerly await their commercial debut on the interwebs. I’m also a fan of Kamakura Shirts (Japan). Excellent cottons, terrific craftsmanship, reasonable price point and a range of collars (spread, semi-spread, button-down, etc.). They have good ties, as well, and they’re diversifying even more with other menswear items. They’re big on the Ivy League look. They have a website and a humble outpost here on Madison Ave. http://kamakurashirts.net

  6. Quality article! Always great when style meets comfort…and talking of meetings – these guys deserve a little plug in my opinion…purely for the reason that I have been wearing their plain white pima cotton undershirts with decent tailored white work shirts this winter


    They marry price and quality really well (perhaps given the Euro in part) – but the pima cotton is amazing and they are new to the game – have a peek (just giving something back by way of a tip)

    A real cotton shirt is a must indeed but to have a Pima cotton undershirt makes the whole thing even better



  7. I know that this question is a bit out of season, but do you wear an undershirt with your shirts? On hot days I find that I sweat too much and the walk from the subway makes me look like I just ran a marathon in a button-down shirt. So I wear and undershirt and just feel hotter…

    • George

      I personally don’t. I know they absorb perspiration, but it’s just another layer on a hot day.A slick workaround would be to keep a spare clean/pressed shirt at the office.