Filip Ambroziak had a problem. He was looking for tie bars with a specific design in mind, and he couldn’t find them, at least at his preferred price point. So he decided to have a collection of them made, effectively launching a small online shop offering variations on the original tie bars he had in mind.


Roziak launched in January 2016. The shop’s formula and offerings are simple: just tie bars, opting to do just one thing and to do it well. The current collection includes 25 different tie bars in either 22K gold plating for the gold-tone man or rhodium plating for the men who prefer the platinum or silver tones, like myself.

Whatever the design, most tie bars are a single metal finish, usually in a gold or silver. Among the things that make Roziak’s tie bars unique is a splash of color provided by colored enamel on the face of the bar. From a bold purple, yellow or teal to a more subtle black, navy or dark gray or even white, there are 11 color options with the gold-plated bars and 14 color options with the rhodium-plated (silver) bars.

Another unique feature is a stabilizer bar in the clip function. Anyone who’s worn a tie bar knows that the bar can sometimes start slanting when you wear it. The stabilizer bar prevents that.

Another nice feature of Roziak’s humble offerings is the price. The tie bars range between $33 and $37, which is quite reasonable. Quality was a priority when creating these, and you can feel that the construction is sturdy, not flimsy. These tie bars are very well made.

Yours truly sporting a rhodium-plated tie clip with navy enamel.
Yours truly sporting a rhodium-plated tie clip with navy enamel.

I don’t wear tie bars often. But when the mood strikes me, it’s nice to have options. Filip Ambroziak created a nice little collection of handsome, well-made and affordable ones. I have one in black enamel and navy enamel, and I love them. And with a great presentation arriving in a handsome box, they also make a very nice gift.

And for those who prefer a straight-up classic silver or gold finish on a tie bar, some nice-looking new options are in the works…

Roziak - gold and silver textured

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