With all his money, power and access, you’d think the new president would score a tux that looked better than a rental. Nope.

Photo by Jim Watson/Getty.

Apparently, Donald Trump’s tailoring (or, more accurately, lack thereof) doesn’t stop at his ill-fitting, not made-in-America Brioni suits. The dumpy dad fit applies to his formalwear, too. For a guy whose arrogance and braggadocio knows no boundaries, Trump’s look not only contradicts his message of superlative greatness, but it’s an embarrassment to himself and to the way he represents the country. He’s also an embarrassment to his wife, who looked quite chic. He sets an incredibly low standard and a very poor example.

To put it in technical terms, Trump looks like an idiot who gets tailoring tips from Paul Ryan, arguably Washington’s biggest sartorial flunky who consistently looks like a sophomore wearing his dad’s suit to the homecoming dance.

Photo by Molly Riley/AFP/Getty Images.

Vice President Mike Pence didn’t do much better, taking it even further into the unfortunate “I’m a meat ’n’ potatoes man’s man who doesn’t care about this stuff” zone by dipping into the casino dealer/magician/Chippendale’s aesthetic with a wing collar shirt and what looks an awful lot like a pre-tied bow tie.

Photo by Chang W. Lee / The New York Times.

And neither of these guys has learned that walking around with the jacket unbuttoned and flapping in the wind makes an out-of-shape old man look like an even more out-of-shape old man.

Egads. This is going to be one uninspiring administration to look at for four years.

And a gentle reminder: A well-dressed man always buttons his jacket when he’s standing. (Watch my video on this.)