The Trump/Pence Formalwear Fails at the Inauguration Balls

With all his money, power and access, you’d think the new president would score a tux that looked better than a rental. Nope.

Photo by Jim Watson/Getty.

Apparently, Donald Trump’s tailoring (or, more accurately, lack thereof) doesn’t stop at his ill-fitting, not made-in-America Brioni suits. The dumpy dad fit applies to his formalwear, too. For a guy whose arrogance and braggadocio knows no boundaries, Trump’s look not only contradicts his message of superlative greatness, but it’s an embarrassment to himself and to the way he represents the country. He’s also an embarrassment to his wife, who looked quite chic. He sets an incredibly low standard and a very poor example.

To put it in technical terms, Trump looks like an idiot who gets tailoring tips from Paul Ryan, arguably Washington’s biggest sartorial flunky who consistently looks like a sophomore wearing his dad’s suit to the homecoming dance.

Photo by Molly Riley/AFP/Getty Images.

Vice President Mike Pence didn’t do much better, taking it even further into the unfortunate “I’m a meat ’n’ potatoes man’s man who doesn’t care about this stuff” zone by dipping into the casino dealer/magician/Chippendale’s aesthetic with a wing collar shirt and what looks an awful lot like a pre-tied bow tie.

Photo by Chang W. Lee / The New York Times.

And neither of these guys has learned that walking around with the jacket unbuttoned and flapping in the wind makes an out-of-shape old man look like an even more out-of-shape old man.

Egads. This is going to be one uninspiring administration to look at for four years.

And a gentle reminder: A well-dressed man always buttons his jacket when he’s standing. (Watch my video on this.)


  1. Christopher R Fortunato Reply

    I agree. But Donald Trump is the first hard hat president since Andrew Jackson and it looks like he does not seem to care about it.

  2. An “uninspiring administration to look at for four years.” ??? How about frightening, depressing, demoralizing, discouraging, and destructive…. just for openers.

  3. I glanced at an online picture of Melania earlier and thought, “How nice, she’s dancing with her grandfather.” Then I took a second look and my bad, it was Comrade Donnie!

    Donnie has got that smarmy used-car-salesman look down pat!

  4. The man shows as much class as a plastic bag. #prayforamerica

    • Judy Consilio Reply

      As much as we prayed for the United States of America for the last 9 years, all while holding our noses.

      • Get over it. The Obamas exit beloved. Your boy is one of the least popular incoming presidents in American history. Read the numbers.

  5. At least Cheney looked good in his Cowboy hat at the Inauguration…….

  6. Charles Gliha.
    George, I figured you’d be watching this. Thanks for the rapid response.
    Sooooo…critique the recently departed occupant.

    • Thanks! I should do an Obama assessment. The first few years were a little shaky, with ill-fitting suits, dress shirts that were too big and dad jeans. But his second half was infinitely better, with suits by Martin Greenfield.

  7. Judy Consilio Reply

    Hahaha!! You haters just can’t WAIT to sink your meat hooks in to President Trump. The new President hasn’t been in office even 24 hours, and your predictable childishness emerges. I suppose since this is a blog about the more shallow things in our culture, upon which your blog is based, this was to be expected. OOPS! Your bias is showing, Mr. Hahn.

    • I think Trump is an idiot – a dangerous one. New York, the region that knows him and his nonsense better than any other region in the country, even preferred Kasich in the primary. He lost the popular vote by 3 million (it would be an even bigger margin if the election were held today), and attendance at his inauguration was a fraction (250,000) of the number that attended Obama’s in 2009 (2,000,000). I detest him with every fiber of my being and I don’t care who knows it. Let the world beware.

      This blog is about dressing better and living more effectively without being rich. It’s expressly designed as a counterpoint to the luxury/1% agenda, i.e. the grotesquely vulgar agenda and lifestyle glamorized by Trump and his exclusionary billionaire cabinet. They represent everything I’m against. If you haven’t figured that out, then you haven’t read this blog very carefully. #GrabEmByThePussy #TicTacs

    • Judy, do you think George only noticed DJT for the first time as of January 20, 2017? Trump and his vile taste have been on full display for YEARS!!! Millions of us have noticed while you were on a different planet. All the money in the world can’t buy Trump a decent fitting suit or the savoir faire to wear it.

  8. Is it just me, r are DT’s suits very, very badly fitted? His jackets look too long, too wide and formless. The trousers look baggy and shapeless. The overall effect is to make him look like he’s a big man drowning in an even bigger man’s suit. Moreover, he always wears the same three colours: navy blue, white and fire-engine red tie. Oh and the are designed to reach down to his knees. Disastrous. Even when he walked out the door with POTUS 44 the latter looked sharp and dignified, whilst Trump was unbuttoned, with flapping fabric in all directions. He looked like there was enough spare material to make me think if a strong gust of wind came along he’s take off and land in Oslo. Maybe he thnks wearing bigger, looser garments give the impression he’s lost weight or something? His advisers would/do well reading you post about how you’d advise a politician to dress…. also the Frank Underwood Rules too you brilliantly explained. Hell, you even did the whole Shinola watch section in an accent that sounded Putinesque! Are you sure you didn’t know something before that, er, ‘leak’ was showered on us George!?

    Keep up the good work.

  9. mark katchen Reply

    Interesting how some men like to pose with perfectly fitting clothing that they can’t afford or need so they look like their successful critize other men who have actually acheived great things in their lives that might have more inportant things to think about than posing for their own egos-grow up george.

    • Mark:

      Thanks for your comment. Contrary to your inaccurate assessment, the point of this blog is to showcase clothing that I actually can afford and to promote a very edited and carefully considered wardrobe and lifestyle, as opposed to the popular practice of acquiring more and more stuff. And thank you for your observation of how my clothes fit, though I think “perfectly fitting” is a bit of a stretch. But thanks, nonetheless.

      If by “other men who have actually achieved (not ‘acheived’, as you misspelled it) great things in their lives” you’re referring to the short-fingered vulgarian who has bragged about sexually assaulting women, publicly ridiculed a disabled reporter, bankrupted businesses and ruined lives by refusing to pay contractors and vendors for services rendered, launched a racist assault on our former president by questioning the legitimacy of his citizenship, and launched into a self-absorbed tirade about his inauguration attendance numbers in front of a wall commemorating patriots in the intelligence community who lost their lives in the interest of our freedom, then I cannot think of anything I’d rather do than pull apart the litany of deplorable character defects of such a man who has the responsibility of representing our country and the power to affect millions of lives.

      Next time you troll someone online, try not to come across as someone who perpetuates the unfair stereotype of an ignorant Trump supporter and defender by using correct spelling and grammar. It’ll give you more credibility. As I say to all my readers and followers who seek to raise the bar with how they live and dress: at least make an effort. (And if you think my request for correct grammar and spelling is “elitist,” your standards are lower than I expected.)

      I have grown up, Mark. Now it’s your turn to wake up.

      Thank you again for taking time out of your day with a wasted effort to put me in my place.


  10. George, I understand that arrogance and braggadocio are leading causes of mirror blindness.

  11. Can’t wait to hear (or read) your comments about Lying Spicer’s jacket. At least Corey Lewandowski had a tailor who could fit a suit.

  12. I find it fascinating that someone like Trump can be so badly attired. I often wonder is it (a) underlings are either afraid or are berated for trying to offer advice in this department, or (b) it is an intentional choice to come across as an ‘everyman’. I mean, if I had that level of cash but was time poor/didn’t care, I’d just delegate the task to someone else to sort out. I also read Scott Adams’ blog where he talks about Trump’s persuasion skills. But his suits are a total mismatch with this message – to me it seems a good suit (good grooming, etc) is a great persuasion tool, but does dressing like a chump resonate better with the masses? Is it all accidental or intentional? It’s an enigma! 🙂

  13. Have you caught the GQ Makeover video George?
    You are quite right though. He looks like an idiot.
    His sloppiness in getting dressed for his working day or on this occasion his special evening out is carelessly lazy. Therefore we must conclude this is an adult male who looks like he doesn’t know what he is doing because that’s exactly how the world will see you if your clothes neither fit nor flatter you.
    We look and see you first and foremost as being dressed like an idiot, because I’m afraid that is how you look, however apathetic or uninterested he thinks he is.
    As you are well aware George there is simply no excuse for it.
    Just a thought to go. I quite like an unbuttoned single-breasted dinner jacket (never sans cummerbund of course) and would probably be my personal choice with black tie evening dress.
    Maybe it’s just me but semi-formal dress should be your party wear for having fun in and if you’re hopefully gonna be dancing all night long I don’t feel there’s a need to be buttoned up. My essential cummerbund is helping to keep my V in check while I boogie or take a break before the next dance.
    Double-breasted practitioners can hold me in low regard if they so wish while I swish.

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