"The New Yorker" eco wallet from The Ethical Man

I have a nice leather Prada wallet that was given to me as a gift several years ago. As much as I like it, it’s not something I would ordinarily have the cash or the thought to get for myself. Over the years, the seams of the leather have become frayed. The time to replace it is coming soon.

One option I’m considering is this terrific billfold from The Ethical Man called “The New Yorker.” Unlike my current Prada, which is has a traditional wallet design that is somewhat fat and bulky, this gem is nice, sleek and skinny, which won’t distort the shape of trousers when it’s in a pocket.

This ultra-thin pocket purse sports six card slots and two see-through pockets for I.D. and cash. In keeping with the ethical eco standards established by Dan at The Ethical Man, the wallet is made with no animal leather whatsoever. It’s entirely machine-washable and comes in black, toffee or blue. It will run you a very friendly $14.

The Ethical Man

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