“The Keepers” on Netflix

A new true crime series is coming to Netflix. The Keepers is about the unsolved murder of Baltimore Catholic school teacher Sister Cathy Cesnik in 1969. She was twenty six years old. Alumnae of Archbishop Keough High School where Sister Cathy taught have long believed that she was killed because she knew something about Fr. A. Joseph Maskell, the chaplain of the all girls school at the time who was later accused of sexual abuse by several students.

After I watched the trailer, my morbid curiosity led me to an article about the story in The Huffington Post from 2015. The craziest twist within this dizzying tale comes from a woman named Jean Wehner, who was a sixteen year old student at Keough High School at the time of Sister Cathy’s murder. She claims to have witnessed something from which I don’t think I could have ever recovered. (Read the article.)

The Keepers starts streaming on May 19th. I’m really curious to see how the seven-part series unravels a harrowing story.

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