The January 2020 Playlist

Happy New Year, everybody! I haven’t posted in a while because, as some of you know, I’ve taken a new job that will bring me back to New York very quickly. Lots of moving parts to the operation, and it’s been a little overwhelming. There’s much to say about it all, but I’ll divulge the details later.

The speed of the move has thrown me into packing overdrive, panicking that I’m bringing too much stuff for what will be a considerably downsized lifestyle (which I’m looking forward to, by the way). As I write this, I’m in a stripped down apartment, surrounded by boxes of my stuff and two very confused dogs.

My best wishes to all of you as we get to work in a new year and a new decade, full of new possibilities. Here’s a new playlist to kick us off. As usual, the tracks are from a mess of genres and in no particular order. Hit shuffle and enjoy. Talk soon.


January 2020 Playlist

Further listening…

Feel free to dive into the complete playlist archive on Spotify and The Men’s Shop Playlist, a growing eclectic mix of classics that I would play in my fantasy men’s store or barbershop.



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