There’s a reason there are so many songs about heartbreak and love unrequited: they’re universal feelings. Anyone with a soul who has dared to be vulnerable has been there.

I marvel at the songwriters who’ve taken these feelings, ripped open their hearts and bled onto the page so eloquently. It takes talent and courage. And then there are the composers, arrangers, musicians and, of course, the singers who interpret these words in a way that moves us in ways unexpected. We so identify with the expression. It’s beautiful.

This month’s playlist is a collection of some of the songs that have mapped almost perfectly with my own experience in such matters. It’s not to bring the room down, but it’s just where things have been. And it’s not a bad thing. This is part of the ever-shifting human experience. It means that we have access to our feelings (even if privately) and that we’re not dead inside. Quite the opposite, actually. It’s proof that we are very much alive.

As with most of my playlists, these songs are in no deliberate order and best enjoyed on shuffle. Thanks, kids.

The playlist…

A little favor…

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  1. ruth cohen

    I often wonder if it’s me or Spotify, your playlists seems hard to get to . I must say their interface could be easier to use w identifying words bringing up chosen possibilities. Has anyone else mentioned this ? Thanks for being a caring human .

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