Spring Fever and the Pain in the Ass of Persistent Cold Weather

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I do love my trusty winter parka and topcoat. They’ve each proven to be good investments in form and function that keep me warm without looking like a dork. But as spring fever hits hard while cold lingers longer than I prefer, I want to set them on fire.

Every time I go out, whether for social or business occasions or for taking the dogs out, the coat/scarf/hat/gloves ritual starts to feel agonizingly tedious. I long for the days when I don’t need to layer up ad nauseum to go anywhere.

The forecast for the next ten days has a couple of warm teases, but it feels like it’s just that: a tease. This is one of the reasons why it’s so important for me to design my apartment into a comfortable and chic place I really enjoy – because leaving it is such a pain in the ass during the cold weather.

I’m finally starting to appreciate why people head south for the winter. I used to laugh at snowbirds. Now I totally get it. Luxury problems, man.

Thanks for letting me vent.



  1. Maybe you need more winter wear George – I have enough for a good rotation throughout the bleak months, PLUS
    with the covering up, more layer options; sweaters, vests, ties, thick shirts, sport coats, scarves, outer coats, hats, gloves, etc.

  2. I love coats and boots and gloves and hats! I get bummed when we have unseasonably warm winters and I don’t get to wear them. Why should I search for turquoise leather gloves if global warming is going to ruin winter for me? (Hear that, Big Oil and Coal? You’re not just ruining our planet, you’re ruining my shopping!)

    I also love winter because the snow freezes all the mold critters in the air, so I feel great! We’re in the middle of spring confusion right now; sometime warm, sometime cold, lots of stupid tree pollen (achoo!)

    My husband hates any weather he can’t ride his motorcycle in. For him there are two seasons: Harley Season and Non-Harley Season. Unfortunately for him, we live in Oregon.

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