Richer Poorer Socks at Maxton Men

Richer Poorer socks at Maxton Men: Rookie Red & Blue, Outlaw Orange, Outlaw Blue, Po Boy Dark Grey

The devil is in the details. It’s inspiring and refreshing to see a man who’s nicely turned-out. That said, there’s a certain breed of fashion green berets who take the idea way too seriously, which can be a bit of a bore. There are a few ways to add a dash of whimsy and show the world that you have both a smart sense of style and a good sense of humor

At the office, one has to be careful and use sound judgment. You need to carefully consider external variables like your boss, the nature of your business and the overall environment at work. But anywhere else, a bold splash of flare can remind the world that you don’t take your style (or yourself) so dead seriously.

A certain choice of tie, shirt, pocket square or cufflink can offset the man uniform quite well. Another great way is with socks. Socks can be a blast, and Maxton Men has just added a few new pairs from the spring collection of California men’s sockery Richer Poorer.

The socks are 68% combed cotton, 16% polyester, 13% nylon and 3% spandex, and they fit men’s sizes 6-12. They’re $12/pair.

Get some.


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