In this episode, I follow up on the insane feedback from a post I wrote last week about leaving New York. The comments and anecdotes that readers have shared have been absolutely incredible. I had no idea that so many people had experienced the same thing. It’s comforting to know you’re not alone and that the world won’t end if you leave New York City.

Last week, my dog Lenore was attacked by a vicious English bulldog. It was scary. She required minor surgery and an overnight at the vet, complete with sutures, staples and the dreaded Cone of Shame. And on Monday night, I witnessed another dog attack that fortunately ended with all parties intact. My patience for irresponsible dog owners who don’t know their dogs, don’t have control of them and refuse to have them neutered is below the basement.

Finally, I attended the New York premiere screening of my cousin Kathryn Hahn’s new movie “Bad Moms.” While it’s a light, easy and fun summer comedy, the real treat is Kathryn. She possesses an unteachable and unlearnable gift that makes her the one you want to be watching on the screen. She steals every scene.