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Inspired by an email I got today regarding the sentiment of “it’s not whether you win or lose…” I was reminded of David Lee Roth’s now famous quote from an awards show sometime in the 1980s: “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how good you look.” The reminder sent me down a rabbit hole, starting with the gems produced a Google image search of “david lee roth,” coupled with listening to old Van Halen albums in the process. What did I learn? David Lee Roth was a really fun rock star with an inimitable style.

In this episode of the podcast, I also discuss the onslaught of comments produced by a piece I wrote about riding a bicycle without a helmet (“So I Don’t Wear a Helmet. Get Off My Ass,” May 30, 2013). Along with some great comments on the piece, both agreeing and disagreeing with my point of view, my approach to this hot-button issue apparently inspires some really low-grade, badly-spelled and poorly punctuated vitriol. I’m fine with all opinions that differ from my own or those of my readers. But I draw the line when commenters use internet anonymity as a license to be a crude asshole. While the internet at large is a wonderful and democratic medium, is not a democracy. Commenters are guests in my house. Any disrespect or simple bad manners aimed at me or, most importantly, my readers goes unrewarded, unpublished and unseen.

Aside from that… I’m loving the summer season so far, and I hope you all are, too.


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