Old Navy’s Quilted Frost Free Jacket, a.k.a. The “Puffer”

Every man in the north needs one in the cold months. Every winter I see guys, particularly younger ones, in extreme cold with just a hoodie under a thin jacket and consider it sufficient winter outer-wear. In what is perhaps an attempt to look cool, they just look ill-prepared as they wipe their runny noses with the sleeves of their hoodies in a six degree wind chill.

This winter, Old Navy has an extremely handsome and inexpensive option for us: the Men’s Quilted Frost Free Jacket. It has a zippered front with 5-snap placket, a chest pocket with zip closure (easy access to your iPhone), elasticized cuffs and a fleece lining on body and pockets, which means warmth. This smart puffer comes in orange (pictured), gray, navy or black. As of this writing, it can be had for $60 (reduced from $80).

Don’t be a goof by unnecessarily freezing your tail off this winter. If your nose is running, you’re doing it wrong. Man up, warm up and look good while you’re at it.

Old Navy Men’s Outerwear


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