When a leather wallet gets wet – like really drenched in a hurricane-level rain storm – the leather is never the same. Ruined, even. The cards and I.D. will be fine, and the cash will dry. But the leather? Not so much. This happened to me last summer after my leather wallet got a thorough soaking as I walked home from a concert in a monsoon-like storm. Since then, my wallet has been pretty jacked and in need of replacement. 

I finally got around to getting a new one a few weeks ago, opting for a slim, leather-free wallet from Bellroy

The typical inventory of my wallet includes a driver’s license, a debit card, a credit card, the entry card to my office, and a smidge of cash. That’s it. The solution I chose for my pocket carry was the leather-free version of Bellroy’s classic Slim Sleeve wallet ($69). 

As the name suggests, it’s a super slim profile that can accommodate up to twelve cards (I only carry four), two quick-access card slots, and a pull-tab inside, making access to any cash or card very easy. 

Anyone who knows me or has been reading my content for a while knows that I’ve made a concerted effort to dramatically reduce the leather I bring into my life. Other than shoes and belts (which I buy VERY infrequently), a bit of trim on a canvas bag, or the one leather jacket I’ve had since 1998, I really try to keep the dead animal to a minimum. And I really don’t need a new wallet made out of leather. 

Having established that, I must say one of my favorite features of my new wallet is the material. Instead of leather, the material of my new wallet is woven with something called Baida Nylon RFID. Durable, lightweight, and sustainably produced. I like it.

As I write this, I’ve had the wallet for a few weeks and I’m really liking it. Good find, good purchase, happy customer.

My elegant, eco-friendly new wallet, as it arrived.

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