My Morning Coffee Ritual with a Chemex dru drudge report here cheap paper writer services us go viagra gelato cheap custom essays in 24 hours source link custom essay writing services canada reviews thesis binding oxford university how much should generic viagra cost esl thesis statement ghostwriters site get link best online sites for viagra see url source viagra cialis usa how to write a report on homelessness follow url follow site viagra matador I’ve been making my coffee with a Chemex for almost ten years now. It’s a very analog process and one that isn’t for everybody, but it’s the home-brew method that makes the best coffee I’ve ever had.

Aside from making exceptional coffee, the Chemex is also probably the most reliable, the most affordable and one of the most environmentally sound methods of coffee making on the planet. No wires, no plugs, no tech, minimal carbon footprint. Just a glass carafe and a little bit of wood at the neck, tied with a thin leather strap.

This little one-minute video shows how I do it. (In real time, the whole process actually takes about 10 minutes.) Enjoy!

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  1. I am left disappointed. You wrote “no wires, no plugs, no tech and no carbon footprint”. Did you think ablut the fact that you used the oven to heat up the water? I dont know about your oven but mine plugs in to the wall. It definitely leaves a carbon footprint. So ultimately, what difference does it make if i use a coffee maker or an oven? SMH

    • George Reply

      I suppose the point is that it’s not an actual appliance that plugs into anything. There’s nothing to repair unless you break the carafe, which means buying a new one. It only requires boiling water. I’d think that’s a smaller carbon footprint than a Keurig, a plug-in drip maker or even a percolator.

  2. Derrik Ollar Reply

    Yum! I could smell it in my mind while you were making it. 🙂

    • George Reply

      The coffee itself is crazy delicious, and the process fills my apartment with that irresistible aroma.

  3. I love my Chemex. Lately I’ve been using enjoying any remaining coffee over ice, and it’s delicious.

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