My Feature in the New Issue of Momentum Magazine

Momentum Magazine (Sept. – Oct. 2012), page 51. Photo by Rob Mandolene (
Back in April of this year, I had the pleasure of participating in the fashion show at the New Amsterdam Bicycle Show here in New York. Momentum Magazine, a brilliant periodical that extolls “smart living by bike,” was one of the many exhibitors there. Shortly after the bike show, I was contacted by the magazine’s style editor, who asked if I wanted to be included in their fall issue with a feature on other bloggers “who walk the walk,” as it were. (Or maybe it’s “ride the ride.”)

I had a week to produce a photo and submit my information for the piece. My very talented friend, neighbor and photographer Rob Mandolene and I got on our bikes and pedaled down to West 27th Street just before sunset one evening. In a ten minute window of light, Rob captured a whole series of terrific shots, one of which was used in the magazine.

While it was a thrill to be included in the magazine, it was an equal thrill to peruse the issue. Momentum Magazine is a veritable celebration of bicycling with style featuring wonderful stories, photos and bicycles. It is what I would call “bike porn,” and I’m proud to be a new subscriber to this underrated rag. And I was jazzed to see a story on my favorite bike shop in New York City: Hudson Urban Bicycles (HUB) at Charles and Washington Streets in the West Village. HUB is owned by my friend George Bliss, who enlisted me and my Brooklyn Cruiser to model in the New Amsterdam Bicycle Show back in April. So I guess you could say that this is all his fault.

It is a privilege to have been included here, and I’m very grateful to Momentum‘s style editor Molly Millar for asking me.


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