Designer John Bartlett‘s tireless efforts for the well-being of animals is an inspiration. He has just launched the Tiny Tim Rescue Fund, named after his gorgeous Rottweiler mix who died in the Fall of 2010. John’s work with animal shelters, particularly North Shore Animal League (NSAL) in Port Washington, NY, changed my life… literally. It was at one of the several NSAL adoption events he holds in front of his store each year where I found my beloved Smokey. When he was only a weeks-old puppy, Smokey was rescued by NSAL from a high-risk shelter in the south. For that and for John, I will be forever grateful.

Watch the video about the Tiny Tim Rescue Fund, check out is brand new Website ( and do what you can. The Tiny Tim crewnecks and accessories on his site and in his store on 7th Avenue South (just below Charles Street) are amazing. I bought one when I was at John’s most recent NSAL adoption event this past Saturday, and I’m holding out to get the Black Tiny Tim Web Belt, which is coming soon.

And if you are thinking about getting a dog, get a rescue. They’re the best dogs in the world.

John Bartlett
John on Twitter: @JohnBartlett8
North Shore Animal League
NSAL on Twitter: @animalleague

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