Last week on on Bullseye, one of my favorite podcasts, host Jesse Thorn spoke with writer, public speaker and dryly hilarious (and honest) social critic Fran Lebowitz. In 47 of the most worthwhile minutes I’ve spent listening to a podcast, Lebowitz speaks of her childhood in Morristown, NJ, her high school years, her first years in New York and many of the things that make Fran Fran. In one of my favorite quotes from one of the most quotable people I’ve ever read or heard, she says:

“I would say that the luckiest thing in my life is that I am as free of envy as a human being could be. That doesn’t mean I never feel it, but I almost never feel it… Even as a child, I always knew that you can’t just covet something someone has. You have to be that person.”

This September, Lebowitz released the audio book of The Fran Lebowitz Reader, read by Lebowitz herself in her inimitable way. And if you missed Public Speaking, Martin Scorcese’s wonderful documentary for HBO on Fran Lebowitz, do yourself a favor.

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