My friend Terry posted this fantastic daily checklist for those of us stuck in isolation during the shit show. I was glad to notice that I already do some things on the list, though I definitely need work on other areas.

When I asked Terry if he made this list, he told me he’d found it on Facebook. So, my sincere apologies to the creator of this very sensible and helpful to-do list for not providing due credit. If anyone knows who wrote this, let me know.

And if there’s anything you’d add, leave a comment!

Isolation Well-Being

  • Shower
  • Medication
  • Drink Water
  • Clean one thing / space
  • Tend something growing / living
  • Be mindfully present to…
    • A sound or song
    • A sensory feeling
    • Something you see
    • A spiritual practice
  • Reach out to a human outside your home
  • Do one thing to get your heart rate up
  • Do one thing you’ll be glad you did later
  • Do one thing just because you want to
  • Get in at least one good laugh

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Check off those boxes. STAY SAFE & SANE 💙

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Thank you, Terry!

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