Handsome Gems from The Tie Bar’s January Collection

I subscribe to the email lists of all the brands I like. Most of the time I delete them after a cursory glance since I don’t really need anything. But when there is a worthwhile sale or something new, I’ll investigate.

Such an investigation happened this morning with an email from The Tie Bar, which touted their new January offerings. I found a few ties that just might make it into my rotation…

As with all my ties from The Tie Bar, the ties I wear are the standard length (58 inches) with a width of 3 inches – proportional to my shirt collars and jacket lapels, which are also 3 inches.

Here’s what’s new…


  1. Derrik Ollar Reply

    Most days, I don’t wear a tie, however, these offerings by the tie bar make me want to change that for the new year! Hmm, a new goal. 😉

  2. George, nice ties, but ordered some socks. Once again, thanks for the information……Tony

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