Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2017 Campaign

I’m not one for the capital “F” Fashion world, but when a brand thinks outside the box and does something really fun, it’s hard not to take note and give credit where it’s due.

For their Fall/Winter 2017 campaign, Gucci dove head-first into the cheesy glamour of 1950s-1960s sci-fi with this deliciously twisted video directed by Glen Luchford with art direction by Christopher Simmonds. This is fabulous.

I’ll not be running to their stores to buy their wares, as it’s not really my world (or my budget). But this brilliant video puts Gucci on my mind as a label that’s having some fun and not taking fashion so seriously.


  1. ‘Tis nuts, GH, in a retro way – I could barely tell the style of the clothes and I was paying attention. Dynamic and
    outre presentation, granted. What would the Black Lagoon Creature do?

  2. That was fun! I’ve always loved the “Space 1999” theme music.

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