Great Coffee Cups from H&M

The coffee “cup” seems to have been eclipsed in popularity by the ubiquitous coffee “mug.” Unfortunate, because the cup is a much more elegant statement and most mugs are – let’s face it – ugly. But if one is interested in adding a little refinement to his kitchen without blowing a lot of cash, H&M has a surprising and handsome solution.

This set of four ceramic cups is… wait for it… $10. If I were in the market myself, or if I knew someone who needed a little housewarming gift, I’d definitely pull the trigger on these. They come in white, light gray or dusky green, all of which are great, depending on the color palette in one’s kitchen.

And if you’re in the market for more affordable kitchenware, check out the matching ceramic bowls and plates.

Get some coffee cups.


  1. Forrest Howe Reply

    Someone said “Coffee is a sensuous drink, not to be swilled…” These cups are elegant and about the right size. Thanks for the link to these.

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