Essentials: The Blue Suit

Daniel Craig in a navy suit
The modern urban hipster tends to spend a lot of energy and money on that thing called fashion. But when it comes to showing up appropriately turned out for a wedding, a funeral or an evening at the theater, they’re at a loss. Enter the blue suit. Every man needs at least one.

If you’re going to own just one, the simple, handsome, deep navy, all-season worsted wool suit is the way to go. The jacket should be single-breasted with a notch lapel and two buttons, and the trousers should be plain front (no pleats) with no cuffs.

The fit is all about the tailoring. Off the rack, it should fit nice and snug in the shoulders and chest. After that, it’s up to a smart tailor to pull it in and really make it yours.

Dress it up with a pocket square, a French cuff shirt with great cufflinks or a smokin’ tie. Be certain to leave the bottom button undone.

Once you’ve already got your basic blue in your closet, then you can consider varying versions with features like peak lapels, three buttons, double-breasted, pin or chalk stripes and trousers with pleats and/or cuffs.

Whether you wear a suit every day or only once a year, this men’s wardrobe essential is one of the strongest and most versatile assets in your arsenal.


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