This is the second half of an interview I had several months ago with my friend and podcast co-host Amy Eddings. Specifically, Amy was curious about the origins of my personal style and about the blog. This interview was the first time anybody really asked me about how it all started, who were my idols and influencers, and such.

In addition to being a dear friend and my co-host of The Downtowner, a podcast about Downtown Cleveland, Amy was the host of All Things Considered for many years in New York on WNYC and, since moving to Cleveland, has worked primarily as the host of Morning Edition on WCPN. Basically, she’s a serious news person. Being on the receiving end of questions from such a serious news person was a really fun first.

Our conversation clocked in at a full hour. So I did some editing and turned it into a two-parter. This is part two. (Missed part one? Go here.) Enjoy!


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  1. William Newman

    I’m so excited to listen to this. It was the longest week of my life since the first one aired 😉

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