Eff Off Note Cards

In our digital age, Terrapin / Stationers Engraving and Printing Co. is beautifully preserving the endangered art of the handwritten note and the calling card.


A family run business since 1913, Terrapin Stationers is one of the few engraved stationery companies still operating in the US today. Run by Ted Harrington, the operation is alive an kicking right here in midtown Manhattan on West 37th Street, using engraving machinery that dates back to the early 20th Century. They produce stationery, cards, and calling cards. In these Twittery times, an increasingly popular card is the calling/business card with just a Twitter handle on it, e.g. @GEORGEHAHN.

I met Ted recently and bought a stack of “Eff Off” calling cards from him. He couldn’t have been a nicer guy and more personable. His note on the title page of their website perfectly conveys his bonhomie and good cheer:

I’ll be visiting 37th Street soon to get some real GH stationery and Twitter handle calling cards.

Terrapin / Stationers Engraving & Printing Co.


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