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This blog is a personal journal about my own experiences as a self-made “thousandaire” in pursuit of sartorial stealth and effective living on a limited budget, with a loyal readership of discerning and interested men who aren’t millionaires but who like to look good and live well. The message is emphatically about well-made, great-looking, high quality goods and services without the luxury price tag. In terms of price, quality and aesthetics, your product or service must be the right editorial fit.

The advertising model is simple: banner ads. Product reviews and “help us get the word out” stories are available to advertising partners ONLY.

About My Audience

My audience is composed primarily of English-speaking men (75%) and women (25%) between 18-65, with the largest group between 25 – 44. It is mostly U.S. based (60%-75%) with the next largest group living in the U.K. These are educated, white-collar, aspirational, single and married people of varied backgrounds earning $100K/year and up.

Audience Interests: Apparel & Accessories (with a keen interest in tailored clothing), TV, Movies, Comedy, Music, Shopping, Tech, News, Travel.

The numbers (last 30 days)

Page Views: 45,000
Men: 67% (25-44 largest)
Women: 33%
Geo: 78% U.S., 4% U.K., 3.5% Canada

Twitter: 3,500
Facebook: 3,200
Instagram: 2,100

The Options

Banner ads live on the site for a 30 day cycle. Each ad space is exclusive and not shared or “shuffled” with any other advertisers for the duration of the buy. Each ad occupies an exclusive and guaranteed position on all page views. Pay-per-click or pay-per-sale links and ads are not an option.

Header ($700)
728px x 90px Banner
On desktops and tablets, this is a horizontal ad placed in the website header just below my logo.

Sidebar Square ($400)
336 x 336px Banner
This is a square ad placed in the top position of the main sidebar. It remains visible in this position on desktops and tablets. On smartphones, it goes beneath the content.

Sidebar Rectangle ($350)
336 x 168px Banner
This landscape-oriented ad displays in the sidebar, directly below the CEO spot. It remains visible in this position on desktops and tablets. On smartphones, it goes beneath the content.

Sidebar Skyscraper ($500)
336 x 168px Banner
This tall-oriented ad displays in the sidebar, below the CEO spot. It remains visible in this position on desktops and tablets. On smartphones, it goes beneath the content.

Covert Operative ($400)
728 x 90px Banner
This landscape-oriented ad displays at the bottom of every post and page on the blog. It remains visible in this position on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do affiliate programs or per-click ad options?

Do you welcome guest posts?

Do you do partnerships or collaborations?
Only if the partnership or collaboration involves “right now” money. I don’t do “maybe later” money, and I do not accept product or barter as a form of compensation. Legal tender only.

Do you do product reviews?
Only for advertisers.

Can you do a review if we send you product?
If you are a paying advertiser, yes.

We’re big fans of your blog and we think your readers in particular would get a lot out of what we offer, but we don’t really have an advertising budget. Can you make an exception?
Thank you for saying that. I appreciate your situation, but there are no exceptions.

Let’s Talk…
+1 646 863 4930

THE FINE PRINT: All advertisers must meet four criteria: the goods or services must be handsome, well-made, affordable, and workable, as determined editorially by me. Ads must be approved before placement to ascertain that the content is compatible with my values, tastes and standards. After placement, an advertisement can be removed at request of the sponsor at any time, however payment is non-refundable.

Advertisers have no extraneous control over the content of the blog’s content and shall make no request to edit, remove, or otherwise alter any content on the site.