For years, Clarence Eckerson from Streetfilms and Hal Ruzal from Bicycle Habitat in NYC have been collaborating on a short (and very helpful) web video series called “Hal Grades Your Bike Locking.” Clarence asked me to come along for the newest installment so Hal could grade my bike locking. I won’t reveal my grade until the full video comes out on May 5, but I will say that it was pretty consistent with my GPA.

In this teaser/outtake, Hal and I each share a brief story about having a bike (or part of it) stolen.

Visit Streetfilms.


  1. NYC, South Africa and everywhere they steal your stuff…..good for you for taking your f*66% bike seat back, (sorry, I also love Jesus but curse a bit) you see – in SA, where I am from, if you go back to get “your” stuff back, the guy will shoot you haha, so…go after the arsehole while you still can in this safe and Holyland of yours!! Nothings fair!

  2. Salutations for your badassery, George! No doubt you retrieved it with your customary elan.

    No real cyclist in New York has stayed on the road without meeting the likes of Hal, an institution unto himself!

  3. Love you, George. You’re a riot. Glad you got your beautiful saddle back.

    Clarence talks of his dream George Hahn makeover very often.

    • George Reply

      Ha! Clarence and I talked about his makeover the other day. I told him I didn’t think it had to necessarily be about suit & tie, since an effective makeover takes into account the subject’s work and lifestyle. He’s a guerrilla filmmaking mad man. We’ll figure out something fantastic.

    • George Reply

      Thank you! That there is a Driggs 3 from Brooklyn Bicycle Co. (formerly Brooklyn Cruiser).

  4. Ha! I only just saw this. This is better than the actual vid. Nice one!

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